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Pulau Ubin

Company trekking trip @ P. Ubin today. Was raining heavily in the early morning. Someone answered my prayers to clear up so that our trip's not canceled & the weather remained cooling for the entire trip. TQ!

The ferry terminal was crowded with the holiday crowd but the boat ride only took less than 10 mins. It's my 1st time to Ubin & I was real excited that I can shoot with my camera though the sky was slightly overcast.

There were several shops renting out bikes, couple of eatery. As we walked out there were more greenery & less human traffic. We walked about 30mins before we reached Chek Jawa, a wetland area. But the tide was coming in so we didn't get to c much. A few crabs, some tiny mudskippers & that's all.

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Stupid Fish Tanks

Prem & Jessie brought not one, not two but three fish tanks. They kept 5 goldfish in one of the tanks. 4 of the stupid looking fishes do not even have proper set of fins. I mean did they missed out collecting their back fins?
In the smallest tank, they kept one sulky looking blue fish. They placed the tank high up on the shelf, so it wasn't that bad. Out of sight, out of mind, if you know what I meant.
It's the last tank that I've a problem with. The lights for this tank is so bright that i almost had to wear shades when entering the room. Guess what they kept in it? Some ugly looking moss & grass thingy. Prem was looking at it all day long, talking about bubble this bubble that. He even shouted at me when I went near him while he was in front of the tank. How dare he shout at me? I'm gonna lick his pillow wet tonight.

Jessie's back

Jessie went missing for 2 weeks. I kept going to the balcony but I don't see her coming home. I waited at the door & there's no sign of her at all. She suddenly returned in the middle of the night with Prem & she got me presents. She said it was a dog biscuit from USA. She also got me two chew toys. 

No manners at all

Those teeny dogs! They know very well that I usually nap in the afternoon until my humans come home, then I will patrol my territory. Today, those teeny dogs actually came out in the broad daylight to taunt me. A teeny JRT with its pup. A papillon, alone. They were frolicking under my nose. I barked at them from my throne & got scolded by Jessie. Those humans downstairs taunt me with a digusted look on their faces. Even though Jessie was at home, she refused to bring me down to claim my territory. Undefeated, I watched the intruders from my throne. They must have felt very uncomfortable. They soon dispersed from my territory, one by one.

Dec. 3rd, 2008

i think word is getting around that i'm a timid dog after the incident with the cat in the drain. Even small kittens are ambushing me from under the drain covers & hissing at me. Not one but a pair of tiny kittens which i can easily crushed under my weight. Damn!

Cat in drain

I smelled something while walking across a drain. There was cat in the drain & the drain was covered by a metal grille. I wanted to rescue it cos i thought it was stuck. But the stupid fellow kept hissing at me & i gave up since it doesn't want to be rescued.

Prem stole my ball

Prem was in a good mood & he brought me down for my evening stroll. I'm still very attached to my new ball, so I brought it along for a walk too. Prem wasn't too happy about my ball coming for the walk & he screamed at me to leave the ball at home. Well, as usual, I don't take well to instructions & just held the ball in my mouth. Prem gave up & we were on our way.

I left my ball in the grass while I went to check out some scents. But when I returned, the ball wasn't there & Prem didn't give me any time to search for the ball. We went home & I looked high & low for it, thinking perhaps I remembered wrongly & didn't bring the ball down. I couldn't find it anywhere. Then I heard Prem washing something, it was squeaking. There's my ball! Stupid Prem stole my ball & made me panic over nothing. What a silly prank! 

Walk with my ball

Jessie returned my ball just now. I brought it along just in case she confiscate it again. Also I wanted to show the ball my neighbourhood. I'm gonna keep the ball by my side in case Jessie gets angry & kept it away.

Squeaky ball

Prem came back late last night & he's got a present for me. It was a green squeaky ball. I happily took the ball & jumped onto the bed to show Jessie. Jessie didn't do much & went back to sleep. Prem also went to sleep soon after.

What's this attitude? They gave me a new ball & no one wanna play with me. I whined & got scolded instead. In the end, Jessie confiscated my ball & hide it away. No amount of begging would make her return my ball. She even chased me down from the bed.

New dog

There seemed to be another new dog in my neighbourhood. I didn't manage to meet it yet. Dunno if it's a he or a she. I only caught glimpses of its tail swishing behind the block before it disappeared. from what I saw, it's a golden retriever too & it's a very light cream color too. Like how I was before Prem & Jessie started bathing me every now & then causing my cream color fur to drop & now it's so blah.


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